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Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy will participate this year in the 401 Gives on April 1st, 2024, thru April 2nd, 2024, would you please consider donating to NHC on this day. Join us starting at 5am on Monday, April 1 Thru Tuesday April 2nd 6pm and give back to our nonprofit that gives Rhode Islanders a natural FOREST in an URBAN setting in the City of Providence. We thank you in advance.

April 1, 2024

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Mark your calendars for April 1, 2024, as 401Gives

PAL Report, “The activity which is the subject of this report has been financed in part with federal funds from the Department of the Interior, National Park Service administered by the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission. The contents and opinions contained herein do not necessarily reflect the views or the policies of the Department of the Interior or the Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission.”

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 Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy, Inc.

The Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy is a 501C3, non-profit corporation. The mission and goal of the Conservancy is to preserve the land of Neutaconkanut Hill for future generations so that it will remain forever as it was intended by the King Family and our forefathers, a place of undisturbed natural beauty:

To preserve forever, its beautiful Oak and Hickory Forest, fields of wildflowers, its meadows, valleys, ravines, geological outcroppings, stone walls, natural springs and brooks; maintain it as a natural habitat for deer, fox, wild turkey, and the many small animals and birds that have made, and still make, their home on the Hill.

Winter on the trails

While the level ground at the base of the Hill is devoted to active recreation, with playing fields, swimming pool, water and skate park, the major focus is preserving in perpetuity the 88 acres of open space on the steep slopes and the forested land on top of the Hill.

The Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy membership is open to those who share our mission.

Neutaconkanut Hill Conservancy, Inc.

P.O. Box, 91154

Johnston, RI 02919


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