Trees on the Hill

A Forest in Providence? Yes!

Beyond the playgrounds at the base of the Hill, the top of Neutaconkanut Hill is a natural forest, complemented with massive rock outcroppings and erratic boulders from the glacial past.

Neutaconkanut Hill, the last and largest forested area in Providence, is primarily an Oak and Hickory forest. These two species, which re-forest their natural habitat, provide food for the many animals that live on the Hill. The Hickory and White and Red Oak share the woodland with Beech, Black Walnut and Butternut trees.  Throughout the forest you will find Paper Birch, Black Cherry, Flowering Dogwood, Apple, Pitch Pine, Black Locust, Quaking Aspen, Sugar Maple, Red Maple, White Ash and Buckthorn trees.

Trees are an important component of the natural landscape. They provide shelter for the animals, prevent erosion, and play an important role in producing oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide. No other expanse of natural woodland such as this exists in the City of Providence.

Beneath the forest canopy you will find Sassafras Spicebush, Bayberry and Bayberry bushes.

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