The Hill in All Seasons

The beauty of these 88 acres, in all seasons, aids in our physical and mental health. The forested woodlands, with several miles of hiking/walking trails, provide a panorama of picturesque stonewalls, unique geological outcroppings, natural springs and brooks, and a multitude of wild flowers.

Spring brings the unique Jack in the Pulpit along the brooks, sluiceways and marshlands. Crabapple trees present a cloud of pink and white blossoms while the Choke Cherry tree parades its tiny white spiral of blossoms, and the Mimosa tree perfumes the air with its cascade of blossoms.

Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries and Blackberries, each in their progressive season, blossom in showy white flowers before producing their sweet berries. Wild Daisies, Status, Brown-Eyed Susan and Queen Ann’s Lace dot the sunny meadow as the spring and summer seasons progress. Along with trails you will encounter wild Geranium and Poppy, Lily of the Valley, Violets (our state flower) and Columbine.

Fall is the most beautiful of all seasons. The many Hickory, Butternut, Black Walnut and Beech trees provide their nuts, and the stately Oak provides a winter-long staple for all the animals on the Hill. Sassafras and Bayberry bushes line the hiking paths.

Winter showcases the leafless trees exposing the strength of their structure. The un-obstructed views of the city are spectacular in the winter

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